This is only a translation where no binding statements can be done, the Dutch implementation applies.


These terms and conditions apply to all legal transactions between MB-Audio, located in 7551 CN CN, Hengelo OV, Stationsplein 39 and the other party. Derogations must be in writing. Applicability of other general conditions is expressly excluded.


Offers remain valid for 7 days unless otherwise indicated. The information provided remains property of MB-Audio and by the other party and may in no way be passed. MB-Audio is entitled to refuse an order without giving any reasons, or to deliver cash on delivery, also after transmission of offers and or (other) documentation. Made offers shall not apply automatically to future orders.

Terms of payment

Each order made by the other party is irrevocable. Payment invoice within 8 working days.


MB-Audio guarantees the virtue and quality of the delivered in its original packaging until 2 years after delivery, unless otherwise agreed or unless another period of the factory warranty. Warranty is void if the goods are connected  incorrectly or stored incorrectly. MB-Audio should, in case of damage to or as a result of the goods supplied by MB-Audio, to be made by the other party in opportunity to investigate this damage.

Delivery periods

Delivery periods where they must is the moment of transfer. Delivery times are approximate, crossing never gives right to compensation or dissolution of the agreement. MB-Audio is empowered to do part deliveries, which can be invoiced separately. Immediately after the goods have been delivered, the other party wears the risk for all direct and indirect damage caused to or by the goods arise, except insofar as damage is due to gross negligence and/or gross structure of MB-Audio.

Force majeure

In case of force majeure MB-Audio has the right to suspend the execution of the agreement or in consultation with the other party to take a scheme.


Prices are based on the price lists as indicated on the website of www.MB-Audio.NL. MB-Audio reserves the right to adjust the price lists interim if there changes take place in the field of;

a) new laws and Government rules apply be explained

b) price – and rate changes

c) internal/external cost factors

d) transport costs.

Right of retention

MB-Audio has the right of retention if the other party has failed to fulfil its obligations. The risk of goods rests with the other party.


The manner of transport by MB-Audio as well determined and shall be carried out in principle for her merchant risk. Costs for shipments can be invoiced.

Return right of demo/try products

Right of return are excluded, specially designed and manufactured products for the other party. Return of demo/try products are for the account and risk of the other party.